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The Browning Real Estate School is the preeminent educational resource providing continuing education for real estate professionals. Browning’s unique, endorsed and licensed continuing education coursework gives Brokers nationwide the real-world tools to navigate the challenging real estate market.  It empowers them to preserve and increase their incomes.

Browning’s students sharpen their skills, training, and knowledge and become designated as REOCertified® and/or ShortSaleCertified©.

A foreclosure occurs every 13 seconds nationally; RealtyTrac has projected 2.8 million to 3.4 million foreclosures per year until 2014. Unfortunately, 12% of all residential properties nationally are in some stage of default.  Given the projections of this number increasing, the Income=BPO Simplified, Income=REO Simplified, and Short Sale Simplified courses are mandatory to thrive in today’s distressed market.

More than ever, real estate professionals need to understand the BPO, REO, and Short Sale guidelines, procedures, timelines, and tasks that Outsourcers/Banks/Lenders demand.

Real estate professionals with the REOCertified® and ShortSaleCertified© designations have trained extensively to understand the needs of the Outsourcers/Banks/Lenders and how to apply effective solutions, options and methods towards solving today’s BPO, REO, and short sale market issues.

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