Short Sale Certification

What is Short Sale Certification?

The Short Sales Certification is a designation given to real estate professionals who have completed course work related to the Short Sales process.


This course work provides a thorough understanding of the complex procedures, timelines, guidelines, and tasks the Banks, Lenders, and Outsourcers, demand in the today’s short sales or distressed market. Through comprehensive training and the knowledge obtained attending the Short Sales Simplified Browning Real Estate School course, “ShortSaleCertified©” professionals are able to provide solutions for Sellers, Buyers, Banks, Lenders, and Outsourcers on Short Sale properties/assets.


Topics covered include:

girl with shortsale signThe Short Sale process is complicated and requires brokers to have the knowledge and understanding of the procedures, guidelines, timeframes and expectations that lenders and sellers demand from real estate professionals in today’s market conditions.  Attendees will have the opportunity to thoroughly learn the short sale process from A-Z and though the eyes of a Short Sales Broker.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn the “ShortSaleCertified©” Designation which will demonstrate to sellers, buyers and lenders that you have the proper tools and credentials required to handle these types of difficult transactions.

Short Sale National Data

Some interesting short sale statistics from a site called Housing Predictor:

  • Less than one percent of the homes at risk for foreclosure are approved by banks for short sales.

  • Only 40,000 short sales were completed nationwide in the first half of 2009.

  • Only 8-12 percent of the homeowners who initiate a short sale actually succeed.

  • Major Banks claim they have added staff to handle the increased volume of customer inquiries about short sales.

  • JP Morgan Chase says it has hired 5000 new employees to handle the flood of calls.

The “ShortSaleCertified©” designation is recognized by Banks/Lenders/Outsourcers as providing Real Estate Professionals with superior Short Sales training & knowledge.

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