Client Testimonials

Grand Junction, CO Testimonials

"Loved the class facilitated with two well informed & experienced Realtors/Teachers."

"It was an excellent class."

"Great to have instructors with extensive practical experience."

"Good content, good handouts, good instructors."

"It was great having two instructors for the class. Made it dynamic."

"Great stories! Provided a realistic view of doing BPOs."

"You took the time to teach the class, & I learned."

"This class was extremely well presented."

"Class material not only applies to BPOs, but the practice of real estate in general."

Arizona Testimonials

"This training gave me a great insight on BPOs and REOs."

"The presenters did an outstanding job."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I finally understand BPOs!"

"This class was well worth the investment."

"I would love to have a follow up class to this one."

"This education will help me expand my REO business."

"Everything was explained in detail."

"Great education! I encourage other Brokers to bring their team."

"Very practical advice."

"I think everything was very helpful and that this was money well spent."

"Nice to have the team teaching."

"Looking forward to another class!"

"James and Trish were very knowledgeable and presented the information in an entertaining manor."

"Trish is very knowledgeable and concise in articulating information- very impressed with her delivery and ability to stay on track."

Wyoming Testimonials

"I drove for two hours to take the class- good content, worth the drive."

"It’s a lot to cover, but was well done. Hand out materials are very good!"

"There were a lot of good, helpful tips, & ideas to improve my performance."

"Thank you- class & info was great!"

"Very interesting!"

Utah Testimonials

"Nice flow & presentation. Very knowledgeable & helpful!"

"Entertaining Instructors."

"Great info- very helpful & necessary to be in this business today."

"Great instructors- funny & informative with great experience."

Colorado Testimonials

"Very informative, thank you!"

"Lots of fun!"

"I really liked the tag team teaching."

"Being straight forward is appreciated."

"Class had good flow with plenty of information and appropriate comedy shots."

"Realistic, not glossed over. I appreciated the candidness."

"Thanks for an informative day!"

"Great class with great information."

"Great and knowledgeable instructors."

"Appreciated all of the personal experience stories."

"Instructors are actively in this line of business."

"Registering online makes the process easier."

"I especially liked the real life examples."

"A lot of information was covered that will be helpful in pursuit of REO business."

"I really liked the handouts."

"Great class! Definitely lots of experience, first hand, great real life anecdotes."

"I learned what the banks are expecting."

"Trish is great at instructing."

"James has a great knowledge base."

"I like certification for going thru the course – price reasonable – great topic!"

"Instructors are very in-sink on what we need to know."

"Both instructors know their stuff!"

"Good tidbits to help excel in getting listings. Great tools & checklists."

"I left feeling that the information presented was of value."

"Material to take with us from the class is very informative."

"Very well organized & good content flow."

"I really liked the examples."

"Class went well, lots of useful information."

"I would definitely recommend this class to my peers."

"Trish is very knowledgeable! Clear, concise, & to the point. Great job & thanks!"

"Excellent class – gained CE credit & Professional Development."

"Class was very well presented."

"Extremely satisfied with class."

"Helpful info!"

"Thank you – this is a great help & very appreciated."

"I enjoyed their class and feel I can take a lot away to use in the field."

"Good information and good class control."

"Very insightful! A great class that I enjoyed."

"Great class & Instructors!"

"Good class – well taught with good examples."

"One of the best classes I’ve taken!"


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